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An unread book

In the middle
of his fifth decade,
all at sea and lost
in office murk,

he strikes out
for the shores
of his favourite bookshop.
Stroking faces and spines,

scanning the shelves
for the one
that will cut through
the fog,

a Companion to Life,
he has no eyes
for the shy assistant’s
sideways glances.

If he knew how to read
and what
they would speak

A word of advice

When continents of
black ice close in

and, pressed against the wall
of your cave, you succumb

to the darkening embrace
of your very own Ice Age:



Hold on till a ray
of the newborn old sun

slants in at the mouth of the cave
and, like a latter-day Stanley,

shakes your pale hand with a smile
of triumphant exhaustion.

Relief, it will say, is at hand
just around the next berg.

But, hey – watch it
as you stumble half-blind into thin light:

the polar bears are famished
and you don’t know where

beneath that smooth white expanse
the abyss is getting ready

to pounce.