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History (i)

I imagine the dry crack,

no one to observe the fissure,
all but invisible, on the distant face

of the glacier; impossibly slow
the slide of white on white;

the roar of descent, the splash
of the berg unheard –

their echoes yet to be born
at such a latitude, such a longitude:

this is how history is launched:
a frozen chunk of past drifting

blindly, with deadly precision,
into the future.


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15 April 2012 – centenary of the Titanic sinking



piano music drips down the stairwells
sharp splinters of laughter

I imagine the tinkling chandeliers
glowing couples whirling across the floor

and I sit

when the great clock is ready
the jolt is unspectacular

I know these flickering lights and
the stillness before time resumes

and the music strikes up
and the dancing goes on

while I wait

for the hurrying footsteps and
echoing voices past my room

a book slides off a table
the dance speeds up

while I wait

till it bursts through the door
as cold and black as I knew it would be

now the running has stopped
the voices are stilled in great ship’s sigh

and I sit

why should I run
I have always been here